Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday....reminds me my friend Sung Min

My friend Sung min Lee who is a Korean born installation artist currently live in NYC.  When I was doing my first internship in Maggie Norris Couture, she gave me this red sketch book as my birthday gift on 2009 summer. While she was a residential artist in Greenwich village. I think I`m just missing her very much because for some reason we don`t speak that often as we used to. It`s sad that how time changed. However, she is still a great artist . I wish her BEST!!!

When I asked for her business card , she gave me three cards with her original drawing and hand writing on the watercolor paper. I was like " really?" She smiled and said " I am an artist " !!!  That`s my friend Sung min, a  true artist with such a pure personality!!!

 This is my on going project " Chinese Girls" Series No.2 

This is her project on 2009   Summer called Connected
Fabric dyed in colors, Nylon stocking, Korean Traditional 
Cotton thread, and Mixed media.

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  1. i discovered your blog today... and its wonderful, i would follow your blog from now on....